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Goodbye 2014 – Letter From The Editor

I gave up many parts of myself in 2014. I saw my ugliest self, and my most vulnerable self, and thankfully through that regained many of the pieces I had lost, as well as finding new guts along the way that I wasn’t sure I possessed.

It was a year of giving things up, letting things go, living things down, and simply getting through.

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WILD Movie Review

Generally, I don’t see myself as a diehard movie fan, but when I saw the trailer for Wild, I couldn’t help but make a special trip to see it. While I do occasionally indulge in one of Reese’s bubbly, happy-go-lucky movies where girl meets guy, falls in love, something...

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A Nile Cruise and Beyond – Egypt, a Comedy of Errors

“My name is Mandy and I’m a travel junkie – I’m most comfortable on a plane, train or in an airport terminal. I was 4 weeks old when my mama got me my first passport, 9 weeks old when she took me on my first international flight; I guess you could say the rest is history.

-Mandy Davis

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Toronto to Oahu to Sydney to Singapore – Education for a Lifetime

“Knowing almost nothing about Australia, I booked a flight from Toronto to Oahu, Oahu to Sydney and a flight out of Melbourne to Singapore on a whim. If I had all of this time, and was going to the other side of the planet, there was no point in being cooped up in a plane the whole time! I felt compelled to see all that I could – when else would I ever do this again?”

-Rachael Matheson Dagonas
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From Survive to Thrive – Healing a Broken Heart in Nepal

“It would be years later when I realized I wasn’t just going to survive, I was going to thrive. Just as the break up was an acute breaking of heart and spirit, this realization was an acute moment of clarity and empowerment. It was the moment I saw the words: “I’m sorry” pop up on Facebook and my heart didn’t flutter, my heart didn’t even care. Why? Not JUST because I had grown, moved on, changed my dream, served other people, hugged animals, leaned into God, survived that mess but also because I had just got back from Everest.”

-Nora Livingstone
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