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The Answer Lies in the Cypress Hills

“I tried to mimic what people did. You know the whole: graduate, have a well-paying job, have a home with Ikea furniture, think about marriage and kids – you name it. Until I travelled to Tuscany. Little did I know when we drove through the cypress hills of San Gimignano, that my life was about to change radically.”

-Tess Andrade

Peruvian Shaman and High Altitude Bathing

“I remember reading a Lonely Planet blurb about shamans in the Peruvian forest, and needless to say, it peaked my curiosity. A little over a month into my extended backpacking trip around Latin America, I was slowly meandering into Northern Peru, toward the misty mountain town of Huancabamba. It is said that Peruvians come from all over the country to pay the shamans a visit and to bathe in the huaringas – the lagoons.”

-Elizabeth Leston

Here With the Deer on the Natchez Trace

“When the locals ask “But…why are you here”? You know you’ve strayed from the road most travelled. ‘Here’ was Saltilo, Mississippi and indeed why was I here? I hadn’t planned to be here but on this 64 day, solo road trip from New York to San Francisco. I hadn’t done much planning at all, particularly for anything west of Nashville, and as someone who loves a good plan but is also an exceptional procrastinator, my route plotting experience spurned an ongoing inner conflict between the fastidious side of me and the side that just wants to watch TV.”

– Laura Jane Mellor

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