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Well here it is – my first post from my new home: London, UK.

I have to apologize that we’ve been a bit quiet here on SSTW over the past few weeks – moving continents has been (shocker) time consuming, but I’m settling in now and hope to be back on my game soon!

So far, London has been good to me. Great, even. I got my National Insurance appointment out of the way, set up a UK bank account, and got two jobs within the first 2 weeks of being here. I’ve ticked all the boxes one should tick in record time, but I wanted to write about something else.

Moving abroad is terrifying. It’s isolating and it’s hard. While I’ve been lucky to have had a fairly smooth transition as far as finding work, and being able to stay in my friends’ absolutely lovely house in Battersea; and while it’s so easy to take a million beautiful photos of this city and fill instagram and Facebook with celebratory updates, in real life I’ve been ridden with a sometimes crippling anxiety since the moment my plane touched down at Gatwick.

I’ve had trouble sleeping, several severe panic attacks, dizziness, chest pain, lethargy, extreme sadness. All the while I’ve been surrounded by sunshine, daffodils, double decker buses and the impossibly quaint streets of row-houses and cobblestones that I’ve been dreaming of forever.

Now, I’m not writing looking for sympathy. Why would anyone feel bad for me? I decided I wanted to move to London. I made it happen within 6 months. I have a passport, which means I don’t have to worry about Visa issues or ever having to leave. I am living with amazing, kind, and generous friends in a beautiful house in a great neighbourhood. I have not one, but two jobs; hell, I’ve even been going out on the town with a 6 ft+ guy that looks like a viking and makes a mean soy latte (can you hear the violins playing yet?)!

The reason I’m writing about this is because I am striving for honesty and authenticity in everything SSTW- and I’m genuinely curious if I’m alone in this, or if other expats and travel-junkies, even in the best of circumstances, experience feelings of despair and helplessness while pursuing lives of adventure. I wanted to open up a dialogue about what doesn’t seem to be discussed openly when it comes to moving abroad.

There are a million incredibly written, shiny, glossy travel blogs out there – and I love them all; but I want something different for She Sees The World. We’re about more than just photo journals and top 5 lists. I want this site to be a place where women can open up about the realities of life and of travel; of the good and the bad, but most importantly, the true.

Have you struggled with a big move? Felt scared or sad while ‘living the dream?’ I’d love to hear from you! Comment below to join in the conversation, or email me at allison(at)sheseestheworld(dot)com


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