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Where did we leave off last week?

Oh yes. We were still in Hawaii.

The ladies were flying out the evening before me to head back to the mainland. Because my flight was so early, I decided to pack up and accompany them to the airport the night before my flight. People sleep at the airport, right? Like, on purpose? Not really. But I like to learn that hard way, I guess. I also had no idea that the Honolulu airport pretty much closes down completely at 10 p.m.

Anyway, I was starving and decided to venture out to get food… which, was a story in and of itself. Let’s just say that I walked by myself in the dark in a place I’ve never been before on the side of road and under the highway to find what ended up being a trucker rest stop. I don’t even think the kitchen was open anymore by the time I got there.

Lesson 4: Pack snacks.

Lesson 5: Wandering alone isn’t always scary. But sometimes it is.

When I arrived back at the airport, I was not so thrilled to be sharing a small set of seats with another traveller who was also spending the night at the airport. When minutes turned into hours of not being comfortable enough to sleep, we chatted long enough to discover that he was born in Australia, but had been living in Canada. And what are the odds – we were on the same flight the next morning.

Our flight to Sydney was painfully delayed, which gave us a lot of time to get to know each other. We spent the entire flight talking and actually met up a few times during my stay in Australia, exploring Cronulla and Brisbane. We even took a last minute, totally unplanned road trip together from Brisbane to Melbourne when he was reassigned for a job.

Lesson 6: Leave some room for an adventure & spontaneity.

I arrived in Sydney completely disoriented. What day was it again? Oh, I had completely booked my hostel reservation on the wrong date not taking into account the time change… in the middle of the Australian summer, a.k.a. their high season… Clever, right? At least I didn’t have to sleep on a park bench…yet.

Lesson 7: Understanding timezones is helpful.

Welcome to Australia, Rach! Sorry I don’t have any stunning/creepy/awkward photos to share this week, but plenty of photos to come. Don’t miss next week’s post… More adventures and life lessons learned in Sydney and beyond!



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