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Happy February, Wanderlusters!

If you’ve been following along on social media, then you may already know that January was a very big month for me. In the first week of the month I called Her Majesty’s Passport Office. I had been checking in so often that I expected nothing from the phone call. In fact, I was only calling to make 100% sure they had my new phone number on file, you know, in case they needed to call me and ask for 235 more documents… Instead, I was put on hold for a couple minutes. A new gentleman greeted me on the line and confirmed my name and date of birth again. Here we go, I thought. It’s going to be like when I call the phone company and get transferred to a million departments –

“Well Miss Dunnings, I have good news”

I froze.

“Your passport has been approved.”

He went on, telling me when it would be printed and how it would be shipped but I had long since stopped listening. Approved?

“Oh my God!” I nearly shouted, causing the coworkers that were settling in for the morning to peer from around their desks, not able to tell by my shaking and near tears whether I was receiving good news or bad. I hung up the phone in shock. My hands shook for at least an hour. Even though it had been the plan all along, that phone call made everything big and real.

(Read more about my journey to become an Expat here).



And so the planning actually began, and the flights were booked. I board a plane in Toronto on March 9th, spend 2 nights in Iceland (can’t WAIT), and arrive in London, my new home, on March 12th.   Another amazing thing that happened in January? I met one of the women who has inspired me for decades. Miss Shirley Manson, the fiery frontwoman of one of my favourite bands, Garbage.

Allison shares a laugh with one of the women she admires most. It was a great weekend in Milwaukee. @garbage A photo posted by She Sees The World (@sheseestheworld) on

…and she was so lovely.

Here’s the thing about Miss Manson, she’s a Rock Star, with millions of fans around the globe, and yet she is kind, humble, gracious, and authentic. She knew the full name of the gentleman who met her just before me, and thanked him for his Facebook message. She even knew me as the girl who flew from Toronto to Milwaukee just to attend the benefit she was performing at, immediately asking if she could give me a cuddle when I told her I was the one she had tweeted with. It’s so refreshing in a time when celebrity culture is out of control, to find artists that are just lovely humans, without pretense or ego.

Also in January (what an insanely brilliant month!), was the very first trip for Rachael and I as a team! We jumped on a bus and headed off to New York City for the New York Times Travel Show. We had such a great time exploring Williamsburg, eating bagels, connecting with other traveling women and being inspired for our next adventures…

Had an amazing day at the #NYTtravelshow !! #SSTWdoesNYC

A photo posted by She Sees The World (@sheseestheworld) on


And so, here we are in February. She Sees The World continues to inspire me every day. We have already shared some beautiful stories this year, and there are so many more on the way! We actually have a SURPLUS of stories ready to go! Can you believe it? We may have to start posting two stories a week soon…

As I wrap up my temporary life in Toronto, save money, pack my belongings, and spend quality time with loved ones, I look forward to the insane whirlwind that’s about to hit in March and April. I can’t wait to share the journey with you all, and continue to be pushed forward and motivated by your incredible stories as they arrive in our inbox.

To quote my very favourite movie… “It’s all happening!”


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