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Stockings are the best part of Christmas, in my opinion! I have so much fun putting them together for everyone at this time of year, and I always save some room in my suitcase for unique things that you can’t get in Canada for my family (or things that are much less expensive than in Canada! This year I stuffed my bag with Simple skincare whilst in Scotland)

Here are a few of my travel themed favourites!

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Wrap it up!

  1. Because everyone likes candles. via Chapters
  2. In-flight cocktails aren’t just for first class! via Nordstrom
  3. In a purse or a carry-on, a compact brush comes in handy while travelling. via Amazon
  4. Because nobody likes it when their necklaces tangle, or when they lose an earring. via Nordstrom
  5. For the fitness buff, this travel fitness set lets you get a good sweat session in without a gym. via Nordstrom
  6. A unisex travel set is perfect to help a couple travel light for a weekend away. via Nordstrom
  7. Travel steamers are a lifesaver! via Amazon
  8. No-rinse foam cleanser for your body. Because not everywhere you travel will have hot showers. via Urban Outfitters
  9. Sleep mask for planes, trains, and automobiles. via Chapters
  10. Perfume or cologne on the go with a travel atomizer. via Amazon
  11. Because everyone needs sunscreen when exploring. via Urban Outfitters
  12. Adventure journal. via Urban Outfitters
  13. Because the worst case travel scenarios always turn into the best stories. via Amazon
  14. A bit of a different find – why not test out some fun flavours of toothpaste? Plus the handy multi-pack makes stuffing multiple stockings easier. via Nordstrom


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