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Goodbye 2014. It was a very strange year. It began on the arm of a man that was wrong for me, in a city of sunshine that I truly loved, but unfortunately, couldn’t belong to me (read about my journey to Los Angeles here).


I gave up many parts of myself in 2014. I saw my ugliest self, and my most vulnerable self, and thankfully through that regained many of the pieces I had lost, as well as finding new guts along the way that I wasn’t sure I possessed.

It was a year of giving things up, letting things go, living things down, and simply getting through.

There are a few things I’ll never be proud of, and a few things I’ll forever be proud of. I taught myself that I am much stronger, more brave, and more capable than I ever imagined, and that I deserve more than I ever allowed myself to believe.


One of the things I’m proud of accomplishing in 2014 is launching She Sees The World. After a few lackluster attempts at fashion and lifestyle blogs over the years, I finally figured it out – a project that’s an endless source of inspiration and pride. The trick? It’s not about me. It’s about sharing your stories. I’m learning and growing through the stories of other people. It’s been so incredibly rewarding and I’m so eager to see what the new year will bring.

2015 does not scare me, little does these days. There are songs I need to share that are in the works, there’s a new continent and a new city waiting for me across the ocean (London or bust!), there are a million new adventures to be had and memoir chapters to be written.

To my good friends who have been steadfast and true through the last 2 gypsy years of my existence – I love you and thank you for sticking it out through 5 phone numbers and ever-rotating mailing addresses.

To my incredible contributors of 2014 – thank you so much for being a massive part of the beginnings of this website. You are all a huge inspiration to me and I am in awe of your generosity of spirit. I literally couldn’t have done this without you.

For Rachael – thank you for jumping in on this journey with me. You are spirited, brave, tenacious, and smart – in only a couple months time you’ve become a phantom limb for me. I can’t wait to spend 2015 building She Sees The World with you!

Here’s to 2015. Our best year yet.


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